Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Warm Mother's Day Story Part II

It's a steal! Meat thief looks to make off with brisket, spare ribs and more

By John Gregerson on 5/15/2007 for Meatingplace.com

Fort Worth, Texas, resident and would-be thief Jimmy Earl Miller bypassed the register of an area Albertson's on Sunday and headed straight for the meat case, where he attempted to steal a brisket, three packs of pork chops, four packs of ground beef chuck, eight packs of spare ribs and numerous other meat items.

Total value of the meat: $245.27

Store manager Miguel Carrera and another employee managed to block Minter, who was manning a shopping cart as he headed for the exit. A third employee eventually helped subdue Minter until Fort Worth police arrived.

Bail was $50,000

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