Friday, May 11, 2007

Lamb Cut Applications

LEG-A classic. By far the most popular cut, and for good reason. Leg of lamb is so versatile. Cook it like a roast, in a stew or slow cooked in a barbeque pit. De-bone the leg to make delicious casseroles.

SIRLOIN CHOPS-Cut from the loin, sirloin chops are much thicker and a slightly more tender than lamb chops from the rib. These are packed with flavor.

RACK OF LAMB-A gourmet chef's delight! Can be frenched.

LAMB CHOPS-These are succulent and tender lamb chops. Cut from the rack and can be frenched.

BREAST-This unique, mouth watering cut has a savory taste all its own. Ideal for the pit, or cook it like a brisket.

SHOULDER-Prepare it as a roast, or cut thick, juicy shoulder steaks can be cut into stew meat.

SHANK-Perfect for Irish stew. Lamb shank is great for any soup, stew or curry. Can be braised and slow-cooked as a shank roast.

GROUND-With so many applications for sausage, pot-pies, casseroles and Greek recipes, ground lamb is great at most mid-range to high end restaurants.

Lamb is used mostly by High-end, Ethnic and some Mid-range restaurants.

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