Friday, May 11, 2007

Maui Brand Sugar

Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugars are made in Maui by Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company using 100% cane sugar grown on our 37,000-acre central Maui plantation. We've extracted the pure sweetness from the cane juices, retaining some of the natural molasses in the crystals, to bring you superior quality natural sugars that will enhance the flavor of your favorite beverages, cereals, baked goods, and recipes.

Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugars come in two styles: Natural White™ and Premium Maui Gold™. Our Natural White has just a hint of molasses to bring extra richness to all your sweetening needs. Natural White retains the old fashion, pure taste of the sugarcane not found in refined sweeteners … taste the difference! It is a natural substitute whenever refined white sugar is used.

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company has grown through a series of mergers over the years that combined 14 sugar plantations, including the original plantation of Samuel T. Alexander and Henry P. Baldwin, whose partnership grew into Alexander & Baldwin, Inc., HC&S's diversified parent company. HC&S was incorporated in 1882, came into the Alexander & Baldwin family of companies in 1898, and was finally merged into Alexander & Baldwin in 1962.

One of the key projects of the plantation's founders was the construction of the irrigation system that brings mountain water from the rainy slopes of East Maui to the Island's arid central saddle lands. This A&B-owned system of over 84 miles of tunnels and ditches (the largest privately owned water system in the U.S.) delivers an average of 165 million gallons of mountain water per day to the plantation. About 20,000 Upcountry Maui residents and farmers (about a fifth of the Island's population) are also supplied with water from this system.

HC&S's Puunene Sugar Mill, built in 1901, has been modernized (it was the world's first fully computer controlled sugar factory) and has a rated capacity of 7,600 tons of cane per day

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