Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Trans-Fat in Fast Food Restaurant Menu Items

Burger King    
1 large French Fries = 8.0gm
1 large Onion Rings Lg = 7.0gm
1 9 piece Chicken Fries = 4.5gm
1 Tendercrisp Chicken Salad = 3.5gm
1 8 piece Chicken Tenders =3.0gm
1 piece Chicken Breast Extra Crispy = 1.5gm
1 piece Chicken Thigh Extra Crispy =1.5gm
1 piece Chicken Breast Original = 1.0gm
1 piece Chicken Thigh Original = 1.0gm

Long John Silvers
1 piece Battered Fish = 4.5gm
Popcorn Shrimp= 4.5gm
Classic Cinnamon Roll 7.8 Oz = 5.0gm

Shortenings impart flavor, color, and…!

Chicken 15-47%
French Fries 20-33%
Fish 15-28%
Onion Rings 20-30%
Tortilla Chips 28-44%
Donuts 25-35%

U.S. Foodservice Trans Fat Free Premium Oils Segment

Players in this segment:
Company..... Product ..... Type of Oil
Monarch Foods..... Optimax ..... Canola (hi-stability)
Wesson (ConAgra)..... Crystal Smart Choice .....Cottonseed/Canola

Please notice that trans fat free oils are not created equal. The Wesson, Cottonseed/Canola blend is 22% saturated fat,and only 32% Oleic acid. The level of saturated fat is very high. The Oleic acid % determines how well an oil will last and perform-higher is better. Optimax is 6% saturated fat and 74% Oleic acid

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