Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Optimax® 0% Transfat Shortening

Trans Fat in our food is of great concern, but Saturated Fat should not be forgotten. Please consider the following:

Trans Fat and Saturated Fat increase our risk of Coronary Heart Disease...12.5 million Americans have it, 500,000 will die from it. This makes CHD one of the leading causes of death in the USA.

Optimax at 6% is much lower in saturated fat than Rice Oil at 20% and Corn/Canola and Cottonseed/Canola Blends.

Key Customer Benefits

Delivers the longest fry life without the need for hydrogenation…up to 20% more than other “premium” shortenings
50% lower in saturated fat than soybean, cottonseed or peanut oil products…40% lower than corn…60% lower than cottonseed/canola
Limited flavor transfer
Product can be cold filtered
Allergen Free
Meets Consumer needs and Market Demand


Competes with:
Hunt Wesson Smart Choice (canola)
Hunt Wesson Smart Choice (cottonseed/canola)
ACH Frymax ZT (sunflower)
Ventura Melfry Ultra Fry Free
Sysco Fry-On ZT(70/30 canola/corn)

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