Saturday, May 5, 2007

Superior Farms American Lamb

On May 5th US Foodservice San Francisco and Superior Farms announced a strategic sales partnership. After several years of discussions Ed Rasmussen, Center of the plate buyer from US Foodservice, and Adam Buyer of Superior Farms introduced the new program with 7 new American Lamb items in stock. In addition to it's American Lamb products Superior Farms is consistantly the 2nd or 3rd largest Lamb importer and will be providing several new imported Lamb items.

Superior Farms brings not only years of experience in the Lamb business but has a strong line of Formula Fed Veal products. This new partnership brings 9 new veal items to US Foodservice.

The American Lamb Difference
According to a recent Synnovate study, consumers prefer American Lamb to imported lamb, ranking it superior in terms of quality, taste and healthfulness. In keeping with the preferences of U.S. consumers, domestic producers raise American Lamb to ensure the highest quality product with a consistently mild flavor and more meat on the bone. American Lamb is raised right here in America so you know it is fresh. Available year-round, American Lamb is up to 10,000 miles fresher than imported lamb.

The Superior Story
Superior Farms has been industry leader for high-quality lamb since it was founded in 1963. With a wide variety of products that serve retailers and foodservice operators throughout the country, the company prides itself on it’s commitment to food safety and high quality operations. Superior Farms lamb is raised naturally, which means it is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. The company also supports many small farmers who are excellent stewards for the environment.

Superior Farms American Lamb
Superior Farms lamb is raised on small farms throughout the United States and the company has been a recognized leader producing only the best lamb products since 1963. From racks and chops to steaks and kabobs, the all-naturally-raised Superior Farms lamb is perfect for a delicious meal on any occasion.

Superior Farms Premium Veal
Veal has always been considered an elegant delicacy for the most discerning of connoisseurs. Superior Farms delivers the finest domestic and imported veal to retailers and restaurants nationwide. Value-added products like ground veal, scallopini and osso buco are available as well as primal selections such as loins, top rounds and racks. Whether you prefer light and tender American veal or a rosier, more flavorful imported veal, we have what you’re looking for!

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