Thursday, May 3, 2007

Icelandic Brand Red Hook ESB Beer Battered Shrimp

In a product cutting with Eloise Salwasser of Pacific West Marketing representing Icelandic Seafood, and Tony Deakin owner of The Crown and Anchor we found the Red Hook ESB battered shrimp to be an excellent multi-purpose menu item.

The product is a 31-35 count lightly battered shrimp. Where lots of "popcorn shrimp" are small broken pieces, drenched in doughy bread sludge, this was a whole peeled cooked tail off white shrimp. The texture of the shrimp was excellent and the signature Red Hook flavor jumps out at you in a pleasing way. With a per piece cost of approximately .17 cents each this makes a versital menu item that can be cross merchandised as a special, an appetizer, an entree, or a banquet item.

With a google search of menu's we found several different applications of this product ranging from an $8.00-$10.00 appetizer to $17.00 entrees with fries and coleslaw, and even a Red Hook Shrimp Po' Boy.

The Crown and Anchor British Pub in Monterey.

At .17 cents each a half pound serving (16 shrimp) only runs about $2.70 for the operator. Some sample menu ideas are listed below.

Our “home town brew” is the key ingredient in this great appetizer! A basket of one dozen of these delicious beer battered shrimp served with fresh lemon and our homemade tartar sauce. $7.99 (Warren’s Lobster House Maine, Lunch Menu)

THE POOR MAN’S SURF AND TURF* ... Our delicious half pound “thick and juicy” burger dusted with our special 12 spice mix, finished with melted cheddar or American cheese and served with a skewer of Red Hook Beer Battered shrimp on the side. $8.99
(Warren’s Lobster House Maine, Lunch Menu)

Red Hook Ale Shrimp
Basket of Red Hook Ale battered Shrimp
Served with a RĂ©moulade Sauce 9.95 (Black Oak Casino Appetizer)

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Man these are a great deal!!

I have tried them and can honestly say that they are A winner!!!!