Sunday, March 30, 2008

Irish Organic Trout-Now Available At US Foodservice SF

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Farmed in Clew Bay, Mayo, the Irish Organic Trout differs from those of other origins and are characterised by their sleek body form and silver bright skin. The rich tasting trout produced is popular in markets such as France, Scandinavia and Japan. The Irish Organic trout is available round or gutted, fresh or frozen, head on/off and filleted. The main sizes are 1-2 kg, 2-3 kg and 3-4 kg.

The Irish Organic Trout are farmed in accordance with the French public organic farming standards.

Dieticians and other scientists are definite: trout is one of the most nutritious fish. The flesh is very rich in protein: a trout portion of 240 g is enough to cover 100% of your daily protein needs.

Pebble Beach Food And Wine 2008 Saturday Pictures

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pebble Beach Food And Wine 2008-Jacques Pepin

Opening night at the 1st Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine lived up to ..and exceeded the old Masters of Food and Wine.

Brian Isaeff, Editor of Peninsula Foodnews and Territory Manager of US Foodservice Discusses Menu Concepts With Jacques Pepin

The crowd ranges were from 1200-1800 people strolling through the entire property at the Inn at Spanish Bay.

Never One To Pass Up A Sales Opportunity, Brian "Drops" A Business Card On Jacques Pepin

Celebrity Chefs were ample and accessable. Many of the celebrities had the assistance of local chefs to create a nice blend of star power and familiarity.

Opening night turned out to be a great chance to network with other business people, to catch up on old friends, and to develop new ones.

Thursday nights events ran from 6-9 pm and then rolled into an after party that continued into the early morning hours.

Janet Lesniak Of The Big Sur River Inn Samples Cheese With R. Kent Torrey Of The Carmel Cheese Shop

One of the favorite locals from the old Masters was on hand. R.Kent Torrey and his crew from the Carmel Cheese Shop. The Cheese Shop always hosts a great table. His staff is always knowlegeable and excited about their products and they are never stingy!

Peggy Giles General Manager of The Big Sur River Inn Samples Double Cream Cheese

Gold Pearl Trout is similar in color to salmon roe with a brilliant fire orange flare. Because the trout roe is smaller than the salmon roe, the pop is brighter and less viscous. Trout roe makes a perfect accent when used as a garnish, in soups, or in sauces - or, feature its mild sweet flavor by simply serving on blinis with crème fraiche.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekly Food Innovations Specials

Food Innovations is a Chef-driven, Chef-operated company dedicated to assisting culinary creativity by supplying the best specialty perishables and non perishables available in the world. Delivered Fresh Each Day From The Farm, Ranch, Or Boat to Your Door!
Nettles are great steamed or sautéed using the same
method as other winter greens such as kale or chard and
must first be blanched to remove their stinging agent. The
most tender and vibrant part of the Nettle is the top two
inches from young shoots. Fresh vibrant green in color
with a spinach and mint flavor the stinging nettle is one of
the most versatile, healthy, and delicious plants.

Uspn #350971 Greens, Stinging Nettles, average 5# case.

Fiddleheads have been part of traditional diets in
much of Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well
as among Native Americans for centuries. Known
for their delicious intense flavor resembling asparagus,
Fiddlehead Ferns are at their peak when
tightly wrapped and dark green. They are the first
green vegetable available in the early spring, are
around for only a few weeks.

Uspn #1482702 Ferns, Fiddlehead, Oregon. 10# case.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dr. Walt Clark On The Three Types Of Tea

After years of touring, speaking, and educating I think it has taken a toll on Dr. Clark. He has done side by side cuttings on canned tomatoes and explained how a refractometer measures brix to us. I have served along side him counting, weighing, and measuring french fries. Lately though, Dr. Clark is a bit of a recluse. The last time we were able to bring him out in public he insisted on wearing camouflage netting.."just in case". But this is all beside the point, when it comes to food science..Dr. Clark is like a -well..scientist.

The hundreds of different teas available are each one of three types: green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. They all come from the same tea bush called Camellia sinensis. They differ only in the degree of fermentation or oxidation the leaves undergo after they are picked. When you cut an apple and sit it on the table it turns brown. This browning represents the degree of fermentation in the tea leaves during processing.

Most Ice teas are BLACK TEA --- UNLESS they state otherwise.

Black tea is fully fermented and may contain teas from South America, China, Indonesia and / or Indian origins. This is based upon flavor profile, availability, and pricing. Leaves are dried for a day after picking. Then they are allowed to fully ferment before firing stops fermentation. The resulting leaves and liquor are usually darker than an oolong. The flavor of a black tea depends on where it’s grown. Tannin is often evident in black teas.

The other teas are:

Oolong tea – Principally of Chinese and Taiwanese origins. Oolong tea is partially fermented. Leaves are picked and allowed to ferment for four or five hours in direct sunlight. Next, firing halts fermentation when it is half complete. Therefore, the leaves and the liquor have more color than for green, but not as dark as black tea. The flavor of a oolong tea is a bit more complex than a green tea. Some amazing fruit or flowery notes are trademarks of oolongs.

Green tea – Principally of Japanese, Chinese and other origins. Green tea is unfermented. Leaves are plucked and immediately steamed or fired (heated.) This kills the fermentation enzymes so none takes place. That is why the leaves are green, the liquor so light and the flavor so vegetal or mild.

Flavored Ice tea is based upon the true tea used in the formula, the flavoring oils, and the herbs in the formula

US Foodservice San Francisco- A Bay Area Green Business!

U.S. Foodservice ~ San Francisco
is proud to be a
Certified Green Business!

Environmental values at work!
We are committed to creating a healthier, cleaner workplace for our employees, community – and you!
U.S. Foodservice ~ San Francisco has implemented planet
friendly procedures to achieve our “Green” initiatives.

Water Conservation Actions:
Recycle water from refrigeration units
Landscape with drought resistant foliage
Installed drip system

Energy Conservation Actions:
Changed facility lighting to T8 Lamp Bulbs
(Save 37% on energy and give off 71% more light)
Telefleet Technology ~ Battery charging monitoring
(Only charge batteries when needed)
Thermal Paint in Trailers
(Helps cool trailers 33% faster)
Energy Star Equipment

Solid Waste Reduction & Recycling Actions:
Paper Recycling
Cardboard Recycling
Shrink Wrap Recycling
Tire Recycling
*Tonnage to Landfill has been reduced by 66%

Fuel Conservation Actions:
Computer Based Routing System
Bio-diesel Equipped Trucks & Trailers
Brian Isaeff (831) 601-6398

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Pebble Beach Food And Wine, Lexus Grand Tasting Tents

Tent A of the Lexis Grand Tasting Tent At The 1st Annual Pebble Beach Food And Wine

Tent B Is Still Collapsed Between Tent A And The Kitchen.

US Foodservice San Francisco Trailer Number 1 Behind The Kitchen.

Driver Larry King Rearranges Trailers At 101 Stevenson.

Grand Tasting Tent Kitchens

Fully Assembled With Trailers In Place