Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tampa Maid

Our first cutting was done with the Tampa Maid "Dipt-n-dusted" Calamari Rings and Tentacles USPN# 407031.

The product was packed 6/2-Lb poly bags per case. Each 2 Lb bag yielded approximately 140 pieces total. Of that we found an average of 50 tenticles, 78 full rings, about 12 broken rings, and about 2 oz of loose breading.

The size of the rings ranged from a large of approximately a 1/2 dollar to a small of about a dime. The tenticles were all about the size of a quarter.
The product has been dipped in a homestyle batter and then dusted with a seasoned flour.

We fried the product in several different fryers, under varying conditions and found that the product was crisp, crunchy, and delicious every time.

The general consensus was 1/3 Lb serving for an appetizer, which cost around $2.00/portion and 1/2 Lb serving for an entree at about $3.00/portion.

Tampa Maid Foods is in the business of sourcing, processing and marketing quality value-added shellfish and specialty seafood as well as commodity raw and cooked shrimp from around the world to the foodservice and retail markets. Tampa Maid's primary expertise is in coated products. They have world-class product development as well as processing capabilities to coat seafood products utilizing the full spectrum of available coating formulas from bread crumbs and cracker meals to flours and batters for both "to be fried" as well as "oven-ready" product applications

Tampa Maid selects premium calamari, for a tender bite and a fresh, clean flavor. Each bite-sized ring and tentacle is dipped in their special homestyle batter then lightly dusted in seasoned flour. They fry up crisp, crunchy and delicious everytime.

• Looks and tastes like they were made-from-scratch
• Premium calamari for a tender bite and clean, fresh taste
• Dipped in a light homestyle batter and dusted in seasoned flour
• Quick and easy to prepare - cooks from frozen in minutes
• Packed IQF in attractive four-color poly bags

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