Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dipt-N-Dusted Calamari Rings and Tentacles

. During the 2007 Peninsula Foodnews Central Coast Calamari Cutting we found the Tampa Maid Dipt-n-Dusted Calamari Rings and Tentacles, USPN#407031 to be a high quality, versatile, product that can be used as an appetizer, or and entree.

The product is packed 6/2-Lb poly bags per case. Each 2 Lb bag yielded approximately 140 pieces total. The size of the rings ranged from a large of approximately a 1/2 dollar to a small of about a dime. The tenticles were all about the size of a quarter.

Portion sizes in our test ranged from about 1/3 Lb for an appetizer with a portion cost of about $2.00, up to 1/2 Lb for an entree with a portion cost of about $3.00. Menu pricing for lunch specials ran from a $5.99 appetizer served with dipping sauce to a $12.99 entree.

Tampa Maid selects premium calamari, for a tender bite and a fresh, clean flavor. Each bite-sized ring and tentacle is dipped in their special homestyle batter then lightly dusted in seasoned flour. They fry up crisp, crunchy and delicious everytime.

• Looks and tastes like they were made-from-scratch
• Premium calamari for a tender bite and clean, fresh taste
• Dipped in a light homestyle batter and dusted in seasoned flour
• Quick and easy to prepare - cooks from frozen in minutes
• Packed IQF in attractive four-color poly bags

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