Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies®

The Size Makes It Sizzle! Heads will turn when kitchen doors open and Garden Hearts® Iceberg Babies® make their entrance into restaurant dining rooms across America! A traditional favorite – once the centerpiece of every salad – iceberg gave up ground in recent years to romaine and leaf lettuces. Let’s face it – iceberg just wasn’t cool!

At Boggiatto Produce, we’ve changed all that – it’s a brand new day for iceberg with Iceberg Babies®. These diminutive gems are smaller than a softball, but pack the punch of a major league grand slam.

What makes Iceberg Babies® cool?
• Size –The Wow! Factor that will delight your guests.
• Crunch – Incomparable texture and refreshingly crisp crunch that can only be iceberg!
• Taste – Sweeter and more flavorful than conventional iceberg to compliment the most adventurous flavor combinations.
• Versatility – Eye-catching, single-serving size opens the door to culinary creativity.
• Presentation – Virtually limitless serving options allow your culinary creativity to take flight.
Serving Tips
• Fill it! Remove the cap and scoop out the center to create a bowl. Fill with favorite salad ingredients, a chilled soup or even a hot entrée.
• Build it! Remove the stem, core like conventional head lettuce and slice off the cap so it sits level on the plate. Insert vegetables in a vertical bouquet to create an architectural delight.
• Slice it! Slice horizontally into rosettes and arrange in a bowl with other vegetables for an eye-catching version of the traditional tossed salad.
• Wrap it! Use individual leaves as perfect, bite-sized wraps for appetizers and small plate favorites.
• Wedge it! Cut into baby wedges and arrange on the plate, pairing each wedge with a different ingredient or dressing.

– Choose heads that are cut close to leaf stems and are free from decay and browning. Look for moderately dense heads with light- to medium-green leaves that show no sign of wilting, Avoid heads with signs of rust.

Handling – Handle similarly to conventional iceberg. Store unwashed in plastic bag until ready for use since surface water from washing encourages bacterial growth. To prepare, wash and drain completely or blot with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. Never allow lettuce to soak, as the water tends to soften some leaves. Do not allow the temperature to go below 32° F, as this will damage the leaves.
Chef Beat Giger, CEC, AAC
Corporate Chef & Director of Special Events
Pebble Beach Resorts
Chef’s comments: “My favorite combination for a summer barbecue – the sweet, crunchy freshness of Iceberg Babies® with tender barbecued ribs in a tangy sauce.”

By the case, be sure to keep the plastic liner and box top closed, as this helps preserve moisture. Like conventional iceberg, Iceberg Babies® are ethylene-sensitive and should not be stored or transported with commodities that produce ethylene, such as apples. They are also sensitive to freezing injury. Do not place Iceberg Babies® near cooler fans, as that will result in rapid dehydration.

• Temperature: Keep refrigerated at 34° to 36° Fahrenheit.
• Relative Humidity: Maintain 90 to 95% relative humidity.

Foodservice Tips
• Scoop out the center to create a bowl and fill with salad ingredients, a chilled soup or hot entrée.
• Use individual leaves as bite-sized appetizer wraps and as dippers for small plate favorites
• Cut into wedges and pair each wedge with a different ingredient or dressing.

Nutrition – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following nutrient content descriptors for iceberg lettuce: fat-free, saturated fat-free, very low sodium, cholesterol-free, and low in calories.

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