Sunday, June 3, 2007

Family Time

Well it is the last weekend before school is out. It's also feeling like one of those transition years.

Trisha my 20 year old is planning on attending Bob Jones University in south Carolina this fall. I knew she was leaving soon, and she is ready. My laid back easy going oldest daughter began working at 14. It was really fun when she decided to move out. Every night she gave me a recap on her plans, and questioned me about bills and budgeting. She has bloomed into a fantastic young adult and I am very proud of her.

Tim is 19 and he is my son even if I had nothing to do with his conception. Ok so he is my stepson and I joke that I had a special have three-get one free-deal. I have raised him since he was about 3-ish. When I was dating his mom I was just a simple Butcher working the 12-9pm shift at the grocery store. I would swing by and have dinner with his mom after work. He was already sleeping and the only way I knew he was actually there was when he would bang into the wall in his room. (He still does this. Some people have restless leg syndrome..Tim has spastic night flips!) Tim has moved back and forth from his Dad's house since his junior year in high school. He is moving soon to find a class only offered somewhere other than here. I think it is a CalcuLinearAlgeGeomeTrigaStatisticalMath Course...if I heard him correctly.

Madi is 14 and is doing two summer camps, planning a rockapalooza concert with her Mom and or sister. Her schedule as she moves onto her sophomore year is running at a breakneck pace.

Clayton and testosterone are fully acquainted. He is 13 and moving into 8th grade. Being the 4th child, he tries to blend into the background alot. His passions are girls, poetry, and cup-a-noodle soup. This year he went from "stinky teen" to single handedly eliminating the ozone layer. My F-150 King Cab costs less to gas than we spend in deodorant. He is constantly re-applying. Thank goodness his favorite girlfriends are on-line and out of state otherwise he would break the bank on smell good stuff.

With all of this in mind, and a schedule that had everyone available on a Friday night I bought 5 seats for the A's/Twin's game in Oakland.

This is a food related blog right? Ok Madi and Trish had a Round Table personal pepperoni pizza $6.75 each, Tim had a Saag's Italian Sausage $7.00, Clayton 2 Hot Dogs $Igavehimatwentyandgotnochange, I had Chicken Nuggets and Fries with honey mustard dipping sauce $6.75 (two Sierra Nevada's..cost more twice my dinner)

The A's lost in extra innings but what the hell? It was only about two Benjamin Franklins and one Ulysses S. Grant we spent to park, eat, watch us lose. But the long drive and the bickering between siblings..Priceless!

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