Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Biodiesel Journey to Forever

Email to Journey to Forever friends, Friday 23 April 1999:

"We turned our kitchen into a sort of illicit still and made a hell of a mess in there brewing biodiesel fuel out of about 60 litres of yukky waste cooking oil we got from behind McDonald's one night (they were happy to give it to us once we told them we didn't want to eat it).

We were sure it would work, but we had to make it ourselves first -- we're not chemists, and if we can make it anyone can.

"And it works! Amazing! Last night we put the stuff in Midori's old diesel Land Rover and it ran like a dream and smelt like a bunch of roses! Well, French fried roses anyway. Now it runs clean, on waste Big Mac residues we brewed up in a bucket in the kitchen, and we're very tickled!"

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