Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Here is a handy feature for customers purchasing from US Foodservice San Francisco. These forms are available on a CD and ready to load onto your computer.

20 Ways to Boost Your Take Out Sales
37 Ways to Boost Your Sales
Banking Policy and Procedures for Servers/Waiter
Basic Income Statement
Basic Ratios Tools
Beverage Purchasing Journal (Sample)
Beverage Purchasing Journal
Business Hours Poster
Business Plan (Sample)
Cash Handling Tips
Daily Income Statement
Demographics Reports (Sample)
Evaluating Restaurant Profitability
Federal and State Tax Information Websites
Food Cost Control Best Practices
Food-Nonfood Purchasing Journal
Food-Nonfood Purchasing Journal (Sample)
Labor Cost Control Best Practices
Menu Analysis Profitability Tools
Menu Costing
Menu Costing Spreadsheet
Menu Management Workshop
New Restaurant Opening Checklist
Recipe Template (Sample)
Restaurant Chain of Command
Restaurant Income Statement (Sample)
Restaurant Opening Budget
Restaurant Phone List
Reporting Tip Income
Restaurant Vendor Phone List
Up-Selling Games Bingo
Up-Selling Games Tic Tac Toe
Up-Selling Games The Floating $10 Bill
Up-selling Games Poker
Up-Selling Games The Perfect Guest Check
Weekly Income Statement
Weekly Labor Schedule Template
Why Do Small Business Fail?

Application For Employment
Commitment to Employee
Employee Handbook Checklist
Employee General information Quiz
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Employee Timecard
Hiring Check List
Interview – Back of House
Interview – Front of House
Interview – Manager
Interview Rating
Interviewing and Selection Tips
Job Analysis
Long form – application
Mini Application
New Hire Checklist
Offer Letter For Hire
Pre-screening Compatibility Test
Pre-screening Math Test
Progressive Counseling Form
Recruiting Card
Recruiting Ideas
Reference Verification Form
Sample Drug and Alcohol Policy
Sample Job Description Host
Sample Job Description General Manager
Sample Job Description Bus/Dishwasher
Sample Job Description Cook
Sample Job Description Server
Suggested Letter to Unsuccessful Candidates
Telephone Reference Verification Form
Termination Check List

Employee Handbook
Employer Time Off Report
Employee Info
Opening Training Schedule (Sample)
Telephone Reference Verification Form
Time Off Request

Food Quality
Food Quality Checklist
Food Safety Inspection Form

CPR (Artificial Respiration) Adult
First Aid for Burns
First Aid for Choking (Adult)


Health Inspection Check List
Manager on Duty Inspection
Pro Active Food safety Program
State Health Department Websites
Temperature Log

Back of House Cleaning List
Back of House Closing List
Back of House Opening List
Bar Side Work List
Clean Force (Cleaning Supplies)
Front of House Closing List
Front of House Opening List
Front of House Cleaning List
Master Cleaning Schedule (Front of House)
Master Cleaning Schedule (Back of House)
Master Cleaning Schedule (Restaurant)
Restroom Checklist
Server Side Work

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