Thursday, June 7, 2007

Eastern Shore Seafood Calamari Strips

Their company name is synonymous with clams, the finest
clams anywhere. Clams known around the world for their
sweet, delicious flavor, tender texture and freshness.

Eastern Shore Clams are available fresh, pre-fried, flash frozen and canned. They’re a tasty, low-fat addition to appetizers, salads, soups, entrees and virtually anything your creative imagination can dream up.

And now they also offer Calamari!

In Business For 35 Years

HACCP Certified processor

They are also the largest family owned vertically integrated company with an international base of food service and industrial customers. They supply many of the top chain restaurants in the U.S. and fine restaurants where discriminating chefs appreciate their quality.

Their mission always has been to provide you with the highest quality seafood and seafood products. The secret is simple. Keep it fresh.

• Refrigerated Boats
• State of the Art Facility
• All Processing Under One Roof
• Raw Product to Finished Product in Under 1 Hour.

In a product cutting on May 30th at the 17th Street Grill in Pacific Grove we found the Eastern Shore Calamari Strips to be a nice addition as an appetizer, and an entrée.

The product is a Wild Caught North Pacific Flying Squid comes individually quick frozen in 5/2 Lb bags per case. Each bag contains approximately 62 pieces. (31 Pieces per pound average) 70 % of the strips measured over 3”

The flavor, and appearance were fantastic. Menu ideas included an appetizer, entrée, and ingredient for the new Seafood Brew Bowl.

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