Thursday, June 21, 2007

Profit is Spelled Y-i-e-l-d

“Yield is everything” says Stock Yards President Mark Saviski. As and example, he explains that a whole beef tenderloin yields 50% of its weight. So, while the product costs $10.00 per pound to buy, it costs $20.00 per pound to serve, excluding labor, additional ingredients, and other costs. Of course the remaining 50% of the filet doesn’t have to go to waste.

What’s left when the desired cuts are made is called “by-product”: it includes items like medallions, tenderloin tips, and tenderloin tails. If the restaurant’s menu features entrees based on by-product cuts-like beef brochettes, stir-fry, stew and chili-waste is minimized and yield goes up and cost per serving goes down. Many venues, however are not service many stews or stroganoffs. Stock Yards was a pioneer of portion controlled steaks. With portion control the customer knows the exact number of servings in a pound of meat. Quality, and consistency - Stock Yards

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