Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sixth Annual Monterey Beef Festival

It’s that time of year again...time for the Sixth Annual Monterey Beer Festival. On Saturday, July 7th, 2007, from 12:30 to 5pm, come on down to the Monterey Fairgrounds for the greatest assortment of beer ever assembled on the Central Coast. Sample varied styles from over fifty breweries. There will be light beer, dark beer, all types of ales, bitters, cider, mead, Belgian beer, German beer; Japanese beer; every style of beer. Check out the breweries that have already committed:

Big Sky Brewery (Montana), Marin/Moylans, Anderson Valley, DAB, Duvel, Red Stripe, Smihwicks, San Miguel, Sequoia, Rock Bottom (3 locations), Speakeasy, Belhaven, Maredsous, Unibroue, Black Thorn Cider, Young's English Ales, Marston's Pedigree, Mountain Meadows Mead, Hebrew, Blue Moon, Gordon Biersch, Asahi, Indian Wells, New Belgian, Sudwerks, Labatts, Stella, Boddingtons, Lowenbrau, Abbey de Leffe, Bass, Butte Creek, Chau Tien, Seabright, Beach Chalet, Sierra Nevada, Hoppy, Lagunitas, Lost Coast, Firestone/Walker, Nectar Ales, San Andres Brewing, Paulaner, Moretti, Fischer, Affligem, Murphy's Irish Stout, Hacker-Pschorr, Hopf Family Wheat Brewery, Kloster Brewery Reutberg, Rolling Rock, Hoegaarden, English Ales, Peter B's, Bud Select, Mendocino Brewing, Coast Range, Alaskan, Heineken Dark, Kronenberg, Widmere, Kona, Drop Top Ale, Red Hook, Anchor Steam, Rogue, Wolavers, Sam Adams/Boston Beer, Power Horse and more.

As always, there will be great music. This year’s lineup featuring local band,

Beezle (from Monterey California)

TapWater (from San Diego California)

and Petty Theft (from San Francisco California).

Our always great food vendors; USA Brats, Thaiwaiian Noodles, Monterey Calamari and Chong’s Korean BBQ will be joined this year by Grandma’s BBQ, so the food choices will be a perfect match with the wonderful assortment of beer.

Once again, the amazing Monterey Stinging Jellies, a local Disc Golf club led by Sean Allen of Monterey’s Trailside Café, will have a booth to give demonstrations.

Thus begins the third year of the Monterey Beer Festival at the Monterey Fairgrounds, home to such greats as the Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey Blues Festival, Monterey County Fair and others. This great one-time per year event, will always occur during early fall. Past Monterey Beer Festivals occurred twice a year in spring and fall. The event organizers decided to really bulk up the selections of great breweries, move to the larger, more appealing Monterey Fairgrounds and pave the way for the biggest, greatest beer festival in this part of the country. So come join the fun. Directions can be found at Hotel accommodations at

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