Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot Deal On Vein Steaks

At the Customer Product Showcase in San Ramon on Tuesday, meat guru Brian Meier was showing a great buy that he found on 1 X 1 Strip Loin end cuts. These strip loin roasts come packed 24/2.92 lb average per case.
The short loin (3) is contained within the larger cut called the loin (3 and 4). The loin is divided into the short loin and the sirloin (4).
The short loin and sirloin may be considered as two separate primal

Beef Strip Loin End Cuts packed two 3/lb average pieces per pack with 12 packs per case.

cuts or they may be considered as parts of the whole. The short loin includes the 13th rib and the small of the back.

The short loin is the most tender of the primal cuts because the muscles in this area are the least used. The top loin muscle is the largest muscle and the tenderloin is the smaller inside muscle. Cuts from the short loin are also the most expensive. They tend to be very lean.

The cut that Brian was showing came from the small end of 3 towards 4 in the diagram above. At this point there is a vein that begins to run through the meat in the small of the back, as the short loin becomes the sirloin.

The vein end is clearly visible at the point where the short loin becomes the sirloin.

Steaks cut from this area are commonly referred to as Vein Steaks.

Each roughly 3 lb piece yielded four 10 oz steaks

At approximately $4.20 per pound this week, the product was nearly $1.60 per pound less than the next choice strip loin we offer.

The package we opened weighed 6 1/3 lb. We trimmed 1 1/4 lb of waste leaving approximately 5 lbs of (great looking) usable meat. We cut this into 8 steaks weighing approximately 10 oz each with a cost of $3.40 each.

The eight steaks were grilled rare, medium rare, and medium. Each of the steaks were tender and flavorful and presented very well.

Our decision was that this product, while available could be marketed for a lunch or dinner special, steak and eggs, or even sliced thin for a New York steak sandwich.

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My mouth was watering while reading this. I can never be a veggietarien.