Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Applebee's Teams With Food Network For Burger Contest

By Lindsey Klingele on 6/12/2007 for Meatingplace.com

Executive Chef Benjamin Brown in the Beach Club Kitchen at Pebble Beach Working On The Best Burger

Overland Park, Kan.-based Applebee's International Inc. is partnering with the Food Network to launch the "Big Burger Showdown," a promotional contest that rewards the winner with a $5,000 prize along with a spot for the winning burger on the casual dining chain's 2008 menu.

Judges from Food Network and Applebee's will select four finalists and fly them out to New York City to compete in a live "Big Burger Showdown." The final winner will be chosen by Food Network celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

Chef Benjamin (shown here with Bill Cox of Lad Foodservice) Hand Selecting Ingredients For The Challenge

Applebee's International originally partnered with Florence in September 2006 to develop menu items at many of its 1,800-plus locations.

Interested parties can enter the contest at www.foodnetwork.com/applebees.

**Editors note- Upon further review, the stock file photos above were not of Chef Benjamin Brown preparing for the Applebee's/Foodnetwork Challenge, (although I have had his burgers and they put Applebee's to shame) Rather they were from "just another day" of Chef Ben hand selecting and tirelessly preparing meals for the club members.**

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Damn, you mean that I am not going to be in a competition? Damn.

We need to get you a better cell phone camera!