Saturday, September 8, 2007

Stockyards Angus Large Boxed Beef Program

All U.S.D.A. graded native Mid-Western grain fed cattle. Aged a minimum of 21 days with pack date stamped on every case.

Beef Chuck-The beef chuck is known fro its great flavor and tenderness. More moderately priced than rib or loin cuts with the flavor of a whole muscle steak. Lean and juicy.
260869 Chuck Clod Angus 3/24Lb Average
261578 Chuck Clod Angus Carving Roast 8/6.5Lb Average
250050 Chuck Roll N/off 1x1 Angus 3/20Lb Average

Beef Rounds-The beef round is a versatile cut that can be roasted or cut into smaller roasts as well as a variety of steaks, cubes, and strips.
233452 Inside Top Round Angus 3/24Lb Average
261347 Inside Top Round Angus Denuded 3/17Lb Average

Bottom Sirloin-The bottom sirloin is a less tender cut that needs some form of tenderization. A variety of cooking methods can be used.
261354 Ball Tip Angus 158B 2Lbs and Up 5/12Lb Average
261270 Bottom Sirloin Flap Meat Angus 1/12Lb Average

Beef Brisket-The Brisket is a delicious, affordable cut that's ideal for a variety of profitable dishes. The brisket is typically used for regional barbecue plates, pot roast, and corned beef.
261438 Brisket Angus Choice Boneless 7/10Lb Average

Beef Ribeye-The Ribeye is regarded by many to be the most flavorful steak. The natural make-up of this wonderfull cut allows it to be considered one of the juiciest steaks on the menu.
260893 Ribeye Lip-on Angus 112A 6/13Lb and Up Average
260935 Ribeye Roll Export Angus 109E 4/16Lb and Down Average

Beef Strip Loin-The "King of Steaks". One of the most tender cuts because its location on the steer keeps it protected from movement. Excellent grilled or broiled.
261099 Strip Loin 0x1 180 5/12Lb Average
261271 Strip Loin 0x1 174 3/18Lb Average

Beef Tenderloin-The tenderloin is considered to be the most tender cut of beef available. Surrounded by bone on two sides while on the carcass this muscle is seldom used, and as a result cuts like butter.
250936 Tenderloin Angus 189A Peeled Side Muscle On 12/5 Lb and Up Average

Beef Top Sirloin-Considered the "house-steak" at many restaurants. This flavorful steak can be served as is, or lends itself well to marinading. A classic ingredient for Boeuf Bourguigonne.
261214 Top Sirloin Butt Extra Trimmed 6/12Lb Average

Miscellaneous Cuts-
253344 Outside Skirt Steak Angus 121C Peeled 8/8Lb Average

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