Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Olive Oil 101

Notes from a recent Olive Oil comparison cutting.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first "cold pressing" of the olives which accounts for its intense green color and fruity flavor profile. Extra Virgin oil is the best choice for dressings, dipping and drizzling on pastas and salads.

Rykoff International Gold Unfiltered Olive Oil
Unfiltered oil contains small particles of olive flesh. Olive Oil aficionados claim this adds additional flavor. Unfortunately it causes a sediment to form at the bottom of the bottle which can become rancid, negatively impacting flavor and shelf life. Unfiltered oil should be carefully stored and used within 3-6 months of bottling.

Pure Olive Oil is a combination of refined and unrefined virgin oil. It is great for sauteing, baking or using as an ingredient without fear of overpowering your dish with the flavor of Extra Virgin.

Pomace Oil is a combination of refined crude oil (left over after pressing) and virgin olive oil. It is often used as an economical option for frying or sauteing.

Bellagio Extra Virgin and Pure Olive Oils are authentic Italian, coming from the growing regions and processors in Itally. Teh Roseli and Milfiori brands are premium oils from growing regions throughout the Mediterranean.

The Roseli brand includes a full variet of Canola or Soy adn Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blends. Other Brands may use Pure Olive Oil or Pomace oil in their blends, Roseli only uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil to bring out the most flavor for sauteing, baking, or dressing recipes.

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