Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canning Stawberry Jam and Bartlett Pears

I picked up some strawberries at the Salinas Farmer's Market this Saturday.

Dropped The Berries, Sugar, And Lemon Juice In A Medium Heat Pan

The overall quality of strawberries has been okay, but there are alot of small and medium berries. While the cool weather has helped the berries the 1/4" or so of rain we got will keep harvesters out of the field for a few days. Driscolls had just started harvesting in Oxnard. Anyway so I picked up a couple baskets of these smaller berries to make some quick jam.
Quick Jam
Prepare 2 half pint canning jars by boiling 10 minutes
Clean 2 pint baskets of Strawberries
1 and 1/4 Cup Fine Sugar
2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
Add to medium high heat fry pan and bring to a rolling bubble

Let cook 10 minutes or so, stiring occasionally and skimming excess foam.

As the mixture becomes a jelly, test consistancy on a cold plate. At desired thickness remove from heat.

Scoop Strawberry Jam into 2 prepared canning jars to just about 1/8" below the top and screw on tops. Place in steam canner and cook 10-12 minutes.

From Fresh From The Farm Market Update: PEARS:WA Bartlett and Anjou volumes are expected to be stronger than LY while Bosc will be slightly down. Quality on all is good to very good; beware that new crop Bartletts should be stored as close to 32 degrees as possible to prevent yellowing. Labor availability in the northwest can not keep pace with growers’ needs. There is continued availability of CA Bartlett supplies with good quality.

Well there wasn't much of a supply at the Farmer's Market on Pears although there was a good selection of apples from the Central Valley. I stuck with California Bartletts from Nob Hill and kept the Canner Steaming.
I bought this steam canner after a trip to Apple Valley California with the now ex-wife. We made Applesauce and canned slice apples for a full day. Madi, my 15 year old still talks about the applesauce 10 years later. I ended up losing the canner, initially in the divorce. But she decided she would not be canning again. And, after all, the resale value at a garage sale of my golf clubs were alot better than a steam canner .

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