Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I received two recipes via email on Saturday morning that came directly from two other blog sites. I posted them without looking at the source and received two emails from angry bloggers. Please do not submit material in that is not original.
But do visit the two sites if you have a chance.
My appologies to both of you for your material appearing on my site!

A three day weekend, a California heatwave, the Reggae Fest, the Greek Fest, and the First Tee Open Golf tourneyment all collided here on the Central Coast. Traffic was hell! But it appears the tourists are eating as the distributor trucks were rolling out full on Monday.

At our house the big event was Madi's first Cross Country Meet on Saturday. This is her first year running and it is always interesting to see how a new sport will affect her Asthma. She did great finishing 34:50 for her 5K run.

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