Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What To Expect In 2009

“If you have salmon on your menu, why not make salmon rillette from the scraps?” says Robert Graham, Executive Chef at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. “This would make a great appetizer and cost next to nothing.” Kevin McCarthy, chef at Lake Placid Lodge in Lake Placid, New York, expects the waste-not trend to grow as a result of both economic and environmental concerns. “When working with meat, chefs are taught to use as much of the animal as possible,” he says, going one step further and extending the concept to fruits and vegetables, too. “For example, when a chef blanches a tomato and peels the skin, the skin can be fried to produce a tomato chip that can garnish another dish. This practice can also provide common flavor notes throughout the courses of a meal: using a vegetable as a sauce for one course, a garnish for another, and a main ingredient for yet another.”

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