Monday, January 26, 2009

Niman Ranch Sold To Natural Food Holdings

Niman Ranch announced it has been purchased by its largest shareholder, Natural Food Holdings LLC, bringing much-needed capital to the cash-strapped company.

Natural Food had previously held a 54 percent share in Niman Ranch, which specializes in branded meat products from naturally-raised, antibiotic-free animals. Natural Food already owns 100 percent of Sioux-Preme Packing, which currently processes all of Niman's pork products.

"Customers will be able to buy with greater confidence from a financially secure supplier," Niman CEO Jeff Swain said in a statement.

Niman already pays producers a premium for special feeding and handling protocols to enable its brand claims that its beef, pork, lamb and chicken products are all-natural from animals raised with no antibiotics or hormones, all vegetarian feeds and with humane and sustainable ranch practices.

Swain said the merger puts Niman Ranch in strongest financial position it has ever been in and will enable it to continue to grow and expand its operations.

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