Saturday, January 17, 2009

Opilio Snow Crab 5-8 oz Clusters

USPN 8194227-Chionoecetes, or the Opilio Crab is a genus of crab that lives in the colder waters of the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans it is very spider like in appearance and has four pairs of legs that are quite spindly looking. The Opilio is one of the four species of what are called “Snow” crabs. It's body looks very small in comparison to the long thin legs, and it will usually weigh about two pounds. Opilio Crabs are covered wtih an oval shaped back, or carapace, which is a deep reddish orange. The legs are usually orange on top and a creamy tan or white on the bottom. Typically the Opilio season is open for one month in January. The generic name Chionoecetes means "snow inhabitant". Fishing for Opilio Crab has been the focus of several documentaries, as well as part of each season on Discovery Channels hit series, “Deadliest Catch”.

You may use it in Cioppino, or can roast it with garlic butter and white wine, or even pair a cluster with product # 5634985 the 8 oz shoulder tender steak on special as a surf and turf.

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