Friday, January 30, 2009

New Business is Booming In Monterey

Our economy is in crisis, but there's still some signs of hope in a Central Coast city.

In Monterey, some new businesses are coming on board and proving successful in the face of this unforgiving economy.

At Croce's Pizza in Monterey, it hasn't even hit twelve o' clock, but the grill is already fired up. Here, business is booming, according to owner Sean Croce.

"We do new york hot dogs, pizzas and speciality over here is cheese steaks, " said Croce.

Croce expanded his pizza place three weeks ago, taking over the building of a sushi restaurant. It was just six months ago when he first opened his business, which was during the onslaught of the economic crisis.

"I've always tried to keep eye forward and I guess I'm not a good listener," said Croce in a Kcba report.

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