Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meatpaper Issue 6 Launch Party at Acme Chophouse

Food is a necessity for survival, but our choices of foods create debate and sometimes controversy. No other aspect of our food system brings about as much emotion as that in the meat category.

Two bay area residents created a "neutral" publication with no other agenda then to gnaw on the ideas, artistic excursions and bone-deep emotions the subject inspires. Probably in the way you gnaw on a really good rib bone when you pick it clean.

Sasha Wizansky is a visual artist and graphic designer. Meatpaper is the culmination of several years she’s been considering and documenting the meat zeitgeist.

Amy Standen is a reporter for Quest, KQED public radio's local science and environment show.

Bill Cox and Thresher Rolle Investigate The Bloddy Con Carne

I stumbled across their website by accident and learned they were having a "launch party" celebrating their 6th issue release. The party was held on a Sunday night at the Acme Chophouse, at ATT park, home of the other Bay Area baseball team that isn't the A's.


Acme is about environmental responsibility and healthful produce: naturally, locally raised meats and poultry, locally caught fish and just-picked produce from small organic farms. All the meat on the menu is naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics. Every night Acme offers meat that is grass fed and healthier for people and the planet. “Acme references the old San Francisco and the grilled and roasted meats from my childhood,” says managing chef, Traci des Jardins.

Tickets were only $25. for an all inclusive evening of food and beverage at this event.

Bill Cox, Thresher Rolle, and I met in line about 30 minutes before the event, and the anticipation built for the next half an hour as the crowd grew from a pack of about 8 to over 100, stretching from the door to the crosswalk. With only a few minutes left before the doors were supposed to open, someone from Acme walked out and hollered "if you haven't pre-ordered we have no tickets for you!" I didn't have a heart to look back at those who were going to be left out.

Chef Thom Fox (Acme Chophouse)
Chef Staffan Terje (Perbacco)
Chef Leif Hedendal
Chef Ryan Farr (Ivy Elegance and CHEFS Program)
Sam White and Chris Kronner (OPENrestaurant)
Prather Ranch Meat Co.
Devil's Gulch Ranch
Meyer Family Cellars
Fontanella Family Winery
Bluecoat Gin
Trumer Pils
Vignette Wine Country Soda
Verge Syrah

Chef Ryan Farr breaks down a whole pig

As we entered the restaurant, there was Chef Ryan Farr breaking down a half pig on a cutting board. Starting with the pork tenderloin, slicing it into medallions that were then prepared on induction burners behind his station. As the evening progressed he prepared fresh pork belly and pork cracklins.

Preparing "Fresh" Pork Tenderloin

We preceded over to the open kitchen where a buffet was set up for us to snack our way through a nose-to-tail beef cooking presentation from Sam White and Chris Kronner of OPENrestaurant

And to sweeten the deal, Staffan Terje was serving his famous charcuterie and now infamous meat desserts (bacon marshmallows!)

Executive Chef Thom Fox of Acme was dishing up rotisserie meats and there were seasonal vegetarian dishes from Leif Hedendal for the non-carnivores in attendance.

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