Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jones Dairy Farm Product Cutting

On Wednesday Bill Cox of Lad Foodservice and Bryan Coleman of Jones Dairy Farm were on the Central Coast with samples.

The Jones Dairy Farm in Fort Atkinson, WI has been in business 130 years and still uses their 170 year old family recipes for sausage making. 6 generations on the Jones Family have run the family Farm, including current company president Philip Jones, who incidently is a Certified Executive Chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.

Jones sausages are made with only natural ingredients, no binders, artificial fillers, or added nitrates.

For their bacon they only use fresh 9-11 count green bellies. The bellies are smoked in cherrywood grown locally near their plant, and then instead of tossing them into a liquid brine to cool rapidly and process within hours as many producers do, they hang their bellies to cool slowly for up to several weeks. Think of dry-aging in beef where the meat slowly ages and develops more flavor and character.

The newest and hottest item this trip was the pit ham. More reminescent of a Dubuque style ham, this leg of pork was hand trimmed of most of the interior fat cured, flattened, and smoked in the same cherrywood as the bacon.

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