Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monarch Spices

Although spices represent less than 1% of food cost, they account for about 75% of the flavor!

For less than a few cents per serving, Monarch Spices provide added flavor and increased value.

Monarch sources over 100 products including over 30 seasoning blends from Global sourcing partners, ensuring a consistent product with no seasonal variability!

Monarch stands for quality
*Raw products tested prior to arrival at manufacturing facility
*Manufacturing facility adheres to FDA, ASTA, HACCP, GMP and internal QC standards
*Metal detectors on every line
*Spices are cleaned and sterilized using ETO (Ethylene Oxide)
*Processing facility has received AIB “superior” score

Cryogenic Milling
Three components that deteriorate spices in standard ambient milling procedures are heat, light and moisture

Monarch uses a unique Cryogenic Milling procedure:
*Liquid nitrogen is used to cool product and mill head to as low as - 120° F while grinding
*Cryogenic Milling maintains more volatile oils (flavor & aroma) in spices and a more consistently ground product

*Increased flavor strength offers a cost cutting advantage for the operator – lower usage levels can be used in food preparation
*Since we start with higher volatile oils, shelf life is often increased as well

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