Thursday, September 24, 2009

Imported Japanese A-5 WAGYU Now Available From US Foodservice San Francisco

A fresh chilled beef program from Japan to the USA.

Traditional Wagyu Beef, also known as Kobe Beef, is a legendary delicacy of Japan. The meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increasing the eating quality through a naturally balanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness. Wagyu Beef is so well marbled that it exceeds the marbling charts in any other country and is known for its intense white fat marbling that rivals Foie Gras in richness and flavor intensity. It is said that the Wagyu Cattle is fed a diet that includes Beer and or Sake to aid in digestion and induce hunger during the humid seasons. This practice has no effect on the flavor but along with daily massages to prevent cramping from lack of exercise in the rugged Japanese terrain does aid in the superior marbling that Kobe is known for.


FERNANDO said...

The name A-5 is incorrect asA, B, and C are yield score numbers for carcass in Japan and have nothing to do with quality.
The nbr 5 etc is correct.
Most widely used is teh Beef marbling Score (BMS ) from 1 to 12Fenando Hartwig

Brian Isaeff said...

"The Wagyu Beef" - also known as "Kobe Beef" is the ultimate masterpiece of Japanese Beef. Wagyu are raised with pride and care all over Japan, and they provide truly world class high quality beef. Wagyu is strictly graded and sorted info five classes by professionals from the Japan Meat Grading Association from A 1 to A 5. A5 is the highest grade of Wagyu Beef. One of the most important factors for grading beef quality is "marbling", which refers to the fine white streaks of fat that run through lean beef and enhance flavor and tenderness. "The Wagyu" has excellent marbling that puts it among the world's top class. Furthermore, the fat in "The WAGYU" melts at just 77F (25C), a lower temperature than any other beef. This explains why "The WAGYU" melts in your mouth for a sensational burst of flavor from the very first bite.

Therefore we are stocking the "best of the best" in a Japanese A5 waygu beef. But Fernando, thanks for your comment.