Thursday, September 3, 2009

Honey Board To Work With Minor League Baseball

The National Honey Board is pleased to announce its second year of support for Minor League Baseball, tying in the natural energy boost of honey with America's favorite summer pastime.

Bruce Raymond Senior District Manager for US Foodservice San Francisco and long time Umpire at the 2009 Babe Ruth World Series

The ballpark of each sponsored team will feature honey-related signage, honey and energy messaging on the electronic billboards, honey night activities, and between inning contests promoting the honey and energy message. At every home game for each of the teams, we will once again feature the National Honey Board's "High Energy Play of the Game," where announcers will highlight an outstanding play made by one the players.

Senior District Manager of US Foodservice San Francisco and baseball umpire was on hand this year at the Babe Ruth World Series played at Story Field on the campus of Lower Columbia College in downtown Longview Washington.

Read more about the partnership a the National Honey Board /Baseball website.

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