Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 US Foodservice San Francisco Buying Show

Greeting customers at the US Foodservice San Francisco 2009 Buying Show was Paradise Catering from Carmel Valley. Jon Kasky and Nancy Rohan were at the grill from 7:30am-4pm cooking up Vande Rose Durok Pork, Superior Farms Lamb, Stockyards Angus Beef, Durham Ranch Skewers, Harbor Banks Seafood, and Cross Valley Farms Produce. The smoke and the aroma of mesquite barbeque from the grill could be enjoyed all the way from the parking lot at the Alameda Fairgrounds.

Once inside the two buildings there was 4333 products on display. Everything from fresh meats, seafood, poultry, produce, dairy, desserts, beverages and frozen foods to non-foods, disposables, compostables, biodegradable products, canned goods, chemicals, and supply and equipment all on display.

Customers were able to walk the show, tasting and talking to the manufacturers and broker reps responsible for the product. New menu ideas were conceived and seminars were held on buisness building ideas, menu design, marketing, and going green were held.

Dave Bates director of Street Sales for US Foodservice San Francisco said it was the most dynamic Foodshow that he had been associated with in his 25 years in the business. "It was obvious that customers were starving for ideas to grow their business."

According to Michael J. Cala, Vice-President of Marketing for US Foodservice, it is very safe to say that they had over 700 customers attending and the Vendors made it quite clear that they sold more product than any other show ever!

Many walked away with great new dessert ideas featuring Devonshire Desserts as well as the hot talk was around Hilltop Hearth Artisan – a new product line altogether!

Vande Rose Farms made a splash with its premium Duroc Pork. And as usual, Stock Yards Angus was the talk of the town.

"Our customer comments were the same way – they found incredible new ideas in areas to help them grow their business and were exposed to many of vale added ideas from our Resources Beyond partnerships!"

A local Chef from the Monterey Peninsula won a Wine Station from Napa Technology.

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