Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvest Carmel Farm To Table

Expect a more low-key, family-friendly event out at Quail Lodge this week when Coastal Luxury Management trades Michelin Three-Star chefs for farmers, winemakers and local restaurant chefs who are stars in their own right.

Unlike the Carmel TomatoFest of past years, the fledgling Harvest: Farm-to-Table event will be held over two days, and will expand beyond the heirloom tomato — yet the cost is about the same ($85).

There will be some glitz and glamour (how could there not be with David Bernahl at the wheel?). The Food Network's Tyler Florence will be a kind of master of ceremonies, bringing his family down from the Bay Area. "Top Chef" reality star Stefan Richter, so funny and brash and talented (he kept us all entertained during an after-party at April's Pebble Beach Food and Wine), will roam the grassy field in search of wine and pretty women, I'm sure. And our own "rock star" chef, Cal Stamenov of Marinus, will be on hand lending credibility to this corner of the culinary world.

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