Sunday, October 12, 2008

US Foodservice San Francisco and The Sustainable Food Lab

At US Foodservice we view Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) not only as our obligation, but also as an area of opportunity. Our strategy is to help transform the environmental and social performance of the foodservice industry while enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of U.S. Foodservice and its business partners. We understand there is a relationship between doing the right thing and business success. In the long term, our success will be measured by more than profit alone. In the long term, we hope to do better as a business by being better stewards for the environment and communities in which we do business.

We believe that effective CRS programs are built on a foundation of extraordinary people. At USF, we strongly emphasize the importance of being good corporate citizens as well as being personally dedicated, compassionate and caring. Our associates take our values seriously, and we live them every day.

We also value partnership in all we do. U.S. Foodservice is a member of the Sustainable Food Lab, an organization promoting partnership for sustainability among stakeholders of global food and agriculture. As a member of the Food Lab's Business Coalition for More Sustainable Food, we have signed on to their Call to Action. Members of the Business Coalition are committed to:

Apply social, economic and environmental responsibility throughout their supply chains and in all processes and products;

Strive for continuous measurable improvement in all of their practices, processes and products;

Practice transparency in their dealings with each other and their stakeholders; and
Collaborate on sustainability and social responsibility innovations and share their learning with each other.

The following are links to the Food Lab and the Call to Action:

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