Saturday, October 11, 2008

U.S. Foodservice of San Francisco The First Certified Green Broad-line Distributor In The Country

U.S. Foodservice of San Francisco is now certified by Bay Area Green Business with a "Green Certification”. We are the first Certified Green Broad-line Distributor in the country. With the help and support of every U.S. Foodservice associate, we have implemented planet friendly procedures to achieve our “Green” initiatives.

What sets us apart:

We have increased our compostable line offering to over fifty items. Specifically in our non-foods line we are trying to offer as many compostable, bio-degradeable and recycleable products as are available. We feature items such as compostable to-go containers, compostable cups, trash can liners, utensils, plates, platters etc. Additionally,
An ever expanding line of organic canned and dry ingredients, as well as fresh produce!
We offer Locally Grown Fresh Produce.
In 2006 we received an award from Pacific Gas and Electric for reducing power loads on dictated demand days. We had the largest reduction within the city of Livermore.
Our warehouse is Green Too! We recently installed new dock doors to seal the dock and allow us to become more efficient thus reducing our power usage.
We've replaced our lighting in the warehouse which has resulted in a 37% reduction while increasing our lighting by 70%.
A company wide recycle program that includes office paper, warehouse cardboard recycling, stretch film in the warehouse, as well as replacing foam cups in our break room with compostable cups just to name a few.
Download our Green Business Brochure for more details: Click Here

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