Saturday, October 11, 2008

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability At US Foodservice San Francisco

Great companies deliver exceptional value to their customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. That is the goal of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, or CRS, at U.S. Foodservice and it starts at the top according to Bob Aiken

We are emphasizing the importance of responsibility and sustainability with our associates and business partners to better manage risk and create new opportunities. Together we can inspire innovations that will protect our environment, improve quality of life for our stakeholders, and create business value. We believe this work will be essential to our business success in the years ahead.

Over the last year, we established a senior cross-functional advisory council to guide our CRS work and a team to coordinate its implementation across the company. After investigating a variety of opportunities and challenges, we have adopted an emphasis in these three areas:
1) improving environmental performance in our operations,
2) enriching engagement with internal and external communities, and
3) creating sustainable offerings through strategic business partnerships.

U.S. Foodservice has made a long-term commitment to CRS and we are beginning to see positive results. Our path to sustainability will require continued inquiry, learning, and action.

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