Monday, October 20, 2008

Monterey Wine Festival 2008

Mark Huber, Territory Manager And Brian Meier Serving Up Sliders

US Foodservice San Francisco the only food distributor that is a Bay Area Certified Green Business, At The Monterey Bay Aquarium Thursday Night.

Chef Steve White, Territory Manager, Chef Steve Salle, Exclusive Brand Specialist, and Chef Brian Meier, Center Of The Plate Specialist-All From US Foodservice San Francisco

Over the two nights of the event the US Foodservice team prepared and served over 800Kobe beef sliders, 6 flats of Portabello Mushrooms, 5 Lbs of roasted red peppers, and 1/2 gallon of sun dried tomato pesto.

For 3 generations the Robbins family has been farming oysters and clams at the mouth of the Hamma Hamma River in Washington State.

Hama Hama Oysters

The Hamma Hamma River drains the eastern flanks of the Olympic Mountans, cascading through the rainforests and emptying into Hood Canal, a salt-water fjord that forms an arm of Puget Sound. The river, one of the shortest on the Olympic Peninsula, has a fast, steep run from the mountains to the sound, so its waters stay cold year round. It's the clean, cold waters of the Hamma Hamma that give their oysters their distinctive briny flavor, firm meat, and mild finish. Their shellfish is naturally-grown on gravel beaches and is harvested by hand throughout the year. Because the river water is so cold, the oyster meat stays firm well into the summer months.

The Stagnaro Fishing Family From Gilda's Restaurant On The Wharf In Santa Cruz Hand Out Monterey Bay Calamari Salad On Thursday Night At The Aquarium

The Owner Of Grind Pepper Of Vail Colorado Continue Their Roadshow Visiting The Monterey Wine Festival

GrindPepper was established in 2001 by a waiter who was sick of dealing with ineffective pepper mills. His solution was their signature Spring Action mill, a stainless steel thumb action pepper grinder. Today, Grind has over 50 salt and pepper mills, all with a modern look and feel.

Their stainless steel mills are made from 316L Stainless; a superior corrosion resistance metal of the highest quality. Their bamboo mills are a renewable resource made from 100% Organic Bamboo. The wood mills are made with eco-friendly European farmed Beech wood.

GRIND Products are uniquely designed in Vail, Colorado and made in Taiwan by family run businesses who strive to produce the highest quality product and provide the best working conditions.

The Sales Team From Zoe's Meats Were On Hand Both Nights Of The Event To Educate Consumers And Restaurateurs About Their Sustainably Obtained Meat Products

At Zoe's Meats they continually seek to source their raw materials (meats) from farms committed to sustainable agriculture. This means that they try to work with farms that use environmentally friendly practices and treat animals humanely. It is their goal to create enough of a demand for their products to be able to source 100% of our meats from sustainable farms.

Polly Legendre and Karim Machi Serving Up Sustainable Goodness

Polly decided to become a chef at the age of 12 and her passion for good food hasn’t wavered since. After an impressive culinary career in some of the world’s best kitchens, she decided to change the way restaurants source their seafood by joining CleanFish. Polly has been cooking professionally for over 20 years both in the United States and in Europe. In the nine years she spent in France, she became the first American to graduate from the Ecole SupĂ©rieure de Cuisine Française, and was one of the first women to work in some of the world famous restaurants in Paris. After cooking at Michelin starred restaurants such as la Tour d’Argent, Henri Faugeron and the Hotel Crillon, she returned to her native Northern California where she founded La Gourmande, a Private Chef Service.

Karim Machi Having A Blast At The Clean Fish Station During The 32nd Annual Monterey Wine Festival

Our friends from CleanFish were on hand. US Foodservice San Francisco set up a distribution channel with CleanFish that eliminates the need for a seperate delivery truck picking up and delivering product to the USF Livermore Warehouse. Instead with a modified skip day order from the customer USF arranges for one of the delivery trucks that leaves full from Livermore to pick up a backhaul at the end of the day thus returning to Livermore full with product to recieve. This eliminates extra trucks on the road, decreasing our carbon footprint.

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