Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Appetizers And Inc. Kosher Meals Available From US Foodservice SF

Appetizers And, Inc. runs a state of the art manufacturing facility, employing over 400 people.
At Appetizers And, Inc., every possible measure is applied to guarantee the safety and quality of their food products.
Appetizers And, Inc. is governed by both the USDA and FDA. Their commitment to food safety is further defined by their Meat & Poultry and Seafood HACCP Programs. Appetizers And, Inc. is audited, regularly, by third party auditors. They consistently achieve excellent ratings, which are the highest achievable, from organizations such as the American Institute of Baking and American Sanitation Institute.
The methods used for product processing help to support their HACCP Programs include Cryogenic inline freezing, metal detection, infrared temperature devices, and microbiological testing performed in on-site laboratory.
Every completed Appetizers And, Inc. product contains a letter of guarantee, signed and fully supported by their CEO George King. Every letter contains a toll-free number to reach George directly.
They represent a Kosher Line of Hors d’oeuvres: Kosher Gourmet Hors d’oeuvres. They are all Star-K certified. There are seven varieties in all, and six of the seven are Pareve and one is Glatt Kosher.
Finally they have a line of kosher meals that are available on a special order basis from US Foodservice San Francisco. The items are as follows:
6351928 Kosher Roasted Chicken Meal 4/13 oz.
8351926 Kosher Pot Roast W/Gravy 4/13 oz.
1351931 Kosher Filet Of Sole W/Lemon Sauce 4/13 oz..
4351920 Kosher Roasted Turkey W/Gravy 4/13 oz
2351922 Kosher Salisbury Steak 4/13 oz.
1351923 Kosher Eggplant Marinara 4/13 oz.
2341170 Kosher Assorted Dinner 4/13 oz.(Contains Roasted Chicken, Pot Roast, Filet Of Sole and Roasted Turkey)
6341168 Kosher Spanish Omelet 4/8 oz.
4341178 Kosher Apple Pancakes W/Syrup 4/8 oz.
8341166 Kosher Mushroom Omelet 4/8 oz

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