Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beef Value Cuts

Friday started off like any other day, bearing in mind that there was a sales meeting going on it was as good as

Brian Meier The Hardest Working Man In Foodservice Hanging Signs At The Pebble Beach Food And Wine

it could get given the circumstances. As I walked down the hall on my way to sit on a panel in front of something like 6 breakout groups throughout the day I ran into Brian Meier, Center of the Plate Specialist at US Foodservice San Francisco. Brian is one of the hardest working men in foodservice today. He is a protein evangelist spreading the good news about meat.

As he dragged himself past me down the hall he reached over and handed me a cd that would change my life. Brian has created the ultimate Digital Beef Library!

Every slide on the CD is labeled with a Meat Buyers Guide (mbg) number. Click on it and see how, for example, a #189 whole Beef Tenderloin trims out to a series of 1190 tenderloin steaks. On and on it goes, a visual of yields, a pictoral of portions. Brian Meier is my hero.

Stay tuned as we pirate Brian's meat photo's to highlight our beef value cuts feature coming soon at Peninsula Foodnews!

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