Friday, July 10, 2009

What Is The Purpose Of A Sandwich?

Posted By Dave Layus, Shoreline Church Community Outreach

What is the purpose of a sandwich? What goes into a sandwich? What do you get out of a sandwich?

Questions that are so basic that you probably don't even think of them. With answers that are most likely part of your "Automatic Pilot" that you don't even think about it, once you decide what the main ingredient will be.

It's like tying your shoes... Auto Pilot! Uncommonly referred to as "Unconscious Competence".

The second Saturday of each month is usually the Community Outreach Ministry's "Serve Saturday", giving those that are led to serve our surrounding community the opportunity to fulfill their directive, in Christ's name. This Saturday (tomorrow, July 11th) is no exception.

Each volunteer will be helping to make sandwiches, then packing them into a complete sack lunch. We will then take them to Soledad Street in Salinas to distribute the lunches to the people on the street and at Dorothy's Kitchen.

We will start at 9:00am at Shoreline and should be done by 1:30pm. Lunch and Community Outreach Ministry T-shirts will be provided. Invite Kids, Teens, Spouses, Grandparents, Grandkids, Pets (Wait! NO Pets, please. They tend to eat the sandwiches as fast as we make them!), Friends, Co-workers, Siblings and other relatives to help out. All are welcome!

Now back to the first three questions... What is the purpose of a sandwich? Besides the obvious nourishment value, maybe, just slightly possible perhaps, that someone eating that sandwich might have a thought cross their mind, at least for a moment, that someone, somewhere, a person that they don't even know, thought enough of me that I was worth it for them to take time out of their busy schedule to make a sandwich for me, then to deliver it to me!

Maybe not many recipients will think that... NOW! But over time, as each of their lives change, and they receive more blessings, they begin to think those thoughts of increased self-worth. Was it worth something to you when someone helped you in some small way when you were having a particularly bad day?

For some it could take years more to get to that point. For others, a simple sandwich-making gesture could be the only remaining "push" needed to get them over the hump to realize their worth in Christ's eyes.

What goes into a sandwich? Besides the meat, mayo, lettuce and cheese, various people put in their resources of time, effort and money, because they cared enough to do it. God loves us enough to care for us by providing those resources for us. In following the examples of Jesus Christ, we love by sharing those resources provided to us.

Does that mean that those that provided resources put love into those sandwiches? You bet! (Well, maybe "bet" is not a good choice of words. How about...) Definitely!!!

As I've come to know many homeless people over the last two years, I find that the VAST majority of them are normal, everyday people, just like you and me. I would not have known that many of those were homeless, if they had not told me. Many being in that situation due to events beyond their control.

In addition, many, many people that currently have a home have told me that they are not that far away from becoming one of the homeless. One more furlough day... A further decrease in business... Further cutbacks resulting in job loss. Again these are normal, everyday people, just like you and me.

What do you get out of a sandwich? The feeling that you are doing something to help someone else that is in a desperate situation? Becoming closer to Christ by following His example? So you will know that others will help you if you are ever forced into that situation? Being nourished by MAKING the sandwich?

Come and find out for yourself! Blessings await you.

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