Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twitter Report Card

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

-Ken Blanchard

The only report card that counts in our business – or any business – is the feedback we receive from customers. That feedback can be positive, negative or non-existent and can come through many different channels. Today, of course, the channels include networking sites such as Twitter.

I’ll admit to being a novice when it comes to social networking and don’t know a tweet from a twadget. Since my New Year’s resolution is to learn something new every day this year, I put twittering on the list. My first challenge was to learn to search in Twitter and what better place to start than to see what twitterites are saying about U.S. Foodservice.

Here’s some of what I discovered.

· Ordering with US Foodservice (IFDA member) is getting even more time-efficient and accurate.

· I'm about to eat a piece of truck cake at the US Foodservice Expansion Groundbreaking. Thanks GO Topeka! Yay for new jobs!

· The turnout was great. We love US Foodservice tell him to keep up the good work.

· US Foodservice supplying the Westin Galleria kitchen ingredients to cook 2,500 meals for volunteers. Note: This tweet is in reference to folks in Dallas who volunteered to help out with an episode of the Extreme Makeover TV show.

· Great mtg w/US Foodservice! Thanks Ken & Susan for all you do!

· Signing up customers at a good clip to use the new US Foodservice Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service.

· Working on product catalog for US Foodservice. I'll be hungry all afternoon reading descriptions of lots of good stuff. Start with bacon.

· If you see US Foodservice trucks, wave. They're making my family $$$! :) Safe driving!

Other tweets featured links to stories about U.S. Foodservice ground breakings and job creation, and to job openings.

Let’s review the twitter trends about us – more efficient and accurate ordering, applauding new jobs, they love us, one of our safe drivers glad to be supporting his family, and links to positive press stories.

I know that tweets are just one small measure of what our customers and employees are saying about U.S. Foodservice. And we can’t expect that feedback in the social networking world (or any world) will always be positive. Twitter, however, is one indication that the word continues to spread about how U.S. Foodservice associates earn positive feedback, DAY AFTER DAY, from customers. That’s some report card.

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