Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obnoxiously Good Artichokes

Obviously I could never reveal any trade secrets about what my customers are doing behind the scenes to make their wonderful dishes so good, but I can tell you what I did for my camp volunteers and knocked them out.

Take Jumbo Artichokes and steam or boil them as desired. My new Facebook buddy Nanette, top of the pyramid of water skiers from the Norwegian sky team-Sacramento River branch, prefers to pressure cook them. In any case only cook them until they are about 10 minutes away from being completely done.

These can be pre-cooked up to a day ahead of time and held until just before service.

When serving smother with whatever goodies float your boat, for my volunteers we did Chelton House Organic Caesar Dressing with shredded Asiago cheese. After drizzling the dressing and adding the cheese the entire tray was covered with foil and ovened until moist, hot and steamy!

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