Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PigWizard Sausage Fresh Batch Is Here!

Hi All,

The next batch of PigWizard sausage is just around the corner, so I though I'd let you know what's coming up. I will be making all three of the following sausages on the 21st of July and will be available fresh until the 28th of July, at which point I will freeze anything that is left. But please don't wait if you think you want some, because I don't expect to have much left by then. The last batch was gone fast!

First up is an old Monte Vista Market favorite, Sweet Morrocan Lamb, mixed with dried currants, cranberry juice, cinnamon and a touch of curry. Great with couscous or just as an appetizer. 4 links to a lb, $9/lb

Next up, a favorite at the TomatoFest (I cooked over 110lbs in 4 hours!), Heirloom Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Basil and Chicken. 4 links to a lb, $7.50/lb

Last, but not least, a recipe that I have made only for my family, Pork and Crawfish with the Cajun Holy Trinity of onions, bell peppers, and celery, with just enough cayenne to make the beer taste better! 4 links to a lb, $8.50 lb

For those that are interested, I buy all of my meats from the Schmitz family, which I have been doing business with for about 6 years. They have been doing business out for over fifty years and three generations. They have been extremely good to me as business associates as well as friends. They have supplied me with all of my meats for 6 years, free of hormomes and antibiotics. You can check them out at .

Eat my sausage!

Jonathan Roveto
831 236 1844 (coming soon)

Warning! Personal Soapbox Below! Read with caution and open mind!
While I do not use sodium nitrite in fresh sausages, I do use them in cooked, cured, and/or smoked products that will be available in the future. The reason for that is because it is widely proven and known since at least the 1800s that poorly preserved sausage kills, which is prevented by using nitrites/nitrates. The root of the word botulism, the bacteria that causes the deadly intoxification, is botulus, Latin for sausage. For those of you concerned with any of that, I recommend these articles, especially the first. in vegetables

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