Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stockyard Angus Prime Rib Caps

Beef Rib Blade Meat,(IMPS/NAMP 109B) is a small specialty beef cut with exceptional taste that offers chefs a tremendous opportunity for marketing on the menu. The #109B Rib Blade Meat, is a flat, somewhat thin piece of beef, that consists of muscles that are immediately below and above the blade bone and related cartilage of the primal rib. The surface is free of fat and all bones and cartilages removed.

Preparation and Cooking Information

Although this cut is most often used as a raw material source for a variety of value added items such as marinated strips and steaks, it's great taste and juicy texture offers numerous options for menu items mentioned in the Beef Uses chart below. Great grilled and sautéed.

Menu Uses for Beef Rib
Fajitas Highly recommended
Pasta toppings (grilled) Highly recommended
Salad toppings (grilled) Highly recommended
Skewered steak/satay Highly recommended
Steak, breakfast (marinating recommended) Highly recommended
Steak, cubed/chicken fried/fingers Highly recommended
Steak, Swiss Highly recommended
Stir fry (marinated) Highly recommended
Stroganoff Highly recommended
Hash Recommended alternative
London broil Recommended alternative
Philly cheese steak Recommended alternative
Shredded beef (Mexican/barbecued beef) Recommended alternative
Soup Recommended alternative
Stew/Pot Pies/Turnover Recommended alternative

In the video yesterday of Chef Sean Griffin, Chef was espousing the virtues of this cut cooked with the Bourbon Steak Restaurant butter poaching method.

This is a highly versatile cut at an extreemly affordable price.

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