Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wild Game Item Of The Week-Ostrich

Featured Wild Game Item Of The Week


Of the 8,600 bird species which exist today, the ostrich is the largest. They are still found in the wild in certain parts of Africa, and are very well adapted to desert life, getting water from the plants they eat.

Ostriches usually weigh from 200 to 285 lbs although some male ostriches have been recorded with weights of up to 340 lb. a 250 pound ostrich may yield up to 130 pounds of red meat.

Premium quality USDA Ostrich meat is farm raised, free range, corn, and alfalfa fed - 99% fat free.

Ostrich is probably the healthiest red meat you can eat. It is low calorie, low in cholesterol, low fat, and it is suitable for all low carbohydrate diets. It is also high in iron and protein.

Succulent, juicy, tender, with an incredible beef-like flavor, our all natural Ostrich meat is the ultimate choice of health conscious people worldwide. It is free from steroids, hormones, antibiotics and growth enhancing additives.


Manufacture# Description Pack Size

744100 Ostrich Round Cuts 1/ 10 # Case

744025 Ostrich Fan Fillets 4 Lb Pack

744150 Ostrich Tenderloins 12-2 Lb Average

744000 Boneless Ostrich Loin Cut 6-4Lb Average

744060 Ostrich Medallions Hand Cut 4 -4 oz Average

746075 Ostrich Patty 4:1 10/1 Lb Average

746050 Ostrich Patty 3:1 10/1 Lb Average

746025 Ostrich Patty 2:1 10/1 Lb Average

746000 Ground Ostrich 2/5 Lb Average

746100 Ostrich Trim 44 Lb Case

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Anonymous said...

Ostrich meat taste great and as described above one of the healthiest red meats available. Also, ostrich meat is the only red meat that comes from a bird.