Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Featured Wild Game Item Of The Week

Duncan Cervena Elk

Cervena is premium farmed elk from New Zealand. Cervena is distinguished from all other elk by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally raised and processed in licensed Cervena plants according to internationally recognized quality standards.

The name Cervena reaches back to historical origins, combining cervidae, the Latin word for deer, with venison.

In order to qualify as Cervena Natural, the farmed animals must meet specific criteria: Three years and under. naturally raised, must be able to roam and graze freely in natural conditions on the pastures of the farm. No growth hormones or steroids are administered to the animals. They are fed only on grass and can be supplemented during the colder months with only natural feed like hay and silage. They are transported and processed according to strict quality-assured standards of the Cervena brand; licensed processing plants are audited bi-annually by an independent agency.

Duncan and Company were a foundation member of the Cervena Council and a founding Cervena licensee.

Duncan Cervena Elk **ALL NATURAL**

Product # Description Pack

752200 Osso Bucco 2" cut 1/10 Lb Case

758350 Saddle Chop 4-5oz 1/10 Lb Case

99999 Saddle Chop cut to size 1/ 10 Lb Case

758650 Medallion 4oz 2 per tray 1/10 Lb Case

758450 Shldr Rst BRT 3 to 4 Lb Each 10 per Case

758000 Flank Stk, 2 Lb Average 1/10 Lb Case

758200 Jerky Steak 40 Lb Case

756150 Stew 10/1 Lb Pack

756200 Stew 2/5 Lb Pack

756000 Ground 10/1 Lb Pack

756050 Ground 2/5 Lb Pack

756100 Elk Patty 4/1 Round 10/1 Lb Pack

Product # Description Pack

758100 Frenched Rack 4 rib, 8oz, 1/10 Lb Case

754125 Frenched Rack 8 rib n, 4-2 Lb Average

752075 Leg B/I Shank On 2- 20 Lb Average

754075 Leg B/I Femur 3- 12 Lb Average

752050 Leg Bnls Dnvr 8-10 Lb Average

754225 Tenderloin 2- 7 Lb Average

754175 Saddle B/I 14up, 3 Pieces Per Case

754150 Saddle B/I 14dn, 3 Pieces Per Case

754050 Stripln Dnvr NY 8- 2 1/.2 Lb Each

754200 Loin Bnls TTS 12- 4 Lb Each

756300 Trim 1/60 Lb Case

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