Thursday, February 5, 2009

Featured Wild Game Item Of The Week


Alligator has a mild flavor and a tender texture, similar to that of chicken or pork. Choice cuts of the alligator are the tail and the jaw, which work best in baked or cutlet recipes as well as in fried foods. If prepared properly (marinated or tenderized), body and leg meat can also be used in special recipes such as burgers, casseroles, ground meat, soups and stews.

In the 60's, the American alligator had almost become extinct and was placed on the endangered species list by the Federal Government. In 1985 the State of Florida permitted commercial farming of alligators. Commercial farming was correctly seen as a way to insure the preservation of this reptile, which traces its existence back to the time of the dinosaurs.

The market for alligator meat is growing and approximately 300,000 pounds of meat is produced annually. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, raw alligator meat contains roughly 200 calories per 3oz serving size, of which 27 calories come from fat.

Alligator ***All Natural***

Product # Description Pack

734325 Sirloin –Tail Meat 10/1Lb Pack Per Case

734350 Sirloin –Tail Meat 2/5Lb Pack Per Case

734300 Leg and Body Meat 2/5Lb Pack Per Case

734375 Tenderloin-Tail Meat 2/5Lb Pack Per Case

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