Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mann Packing Simply Singles Lettuce

It was 1939 when Cy Mann opened a fresh carrot packing operation called H.W. Mann.

Executive Chef Benjamin Brown At The Beach Club Pebble Beach Testifies About Mann Simply Singles

It was soon thereafter that Mr. Mann found his niche in the fresh vegetable industry: broccoli.

For many years Mann packing has been the world's largest shipper of fresh broccoli. Mann Packing Company is not just for Broccolini anymore. Actually they distribute over 30 vegetable specialties for retail and foodservice consumers.

In the early 1990s, Mann Packing responded to the fast pace of today's consumer lifestyles and started shipping vegetables fresh-cut, washed, preservative free-and ready to eat.

This week Mann Packing was out with Blu-Creative Marketing crew filming Chef's impressions of their Simply Singles cleaned and washed lettuce products.

Several caterers, hotels, and banquet facilities here on the central coast use the product for volume events or when labor is tight. They know that the product is always fresh, wholesome, 100 percent usable, and consistantly good quality and size.

I pointed out that I always emphasize the three "C's" when selling Mann Packing Simply Single Lettuce leaves:

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