Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grill Cuts Shrimp By Orion Seafood

Flipping shrimp on a grill is a tricky process and with a full rack of other delectables can be a challenge in itself. Thus the idea for a grill-cut shrimp was born. This special cut not only allows the shrimp to sit upright on the grill and cook perfectly, but it also absorbs and holds more marinade. And the best part? It only takes about 7 minutes. Whether at a family barbecue, tailgate party, or dinner with your family, Shrimp GRILL-CUTS are the perfect serving solution.

6-8 Count Fresh Water Shrimp Sourced From Bangladesh India Packed 10/2Lb Bags Per Case. Approximate Cost of $1.67 Per Shrimp. In stock at US Foodservice as a promotional offer for a limited time. Please contact Brian for more information or to place an order at (831) 601-6398.

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